Terms and Conditions

Terms, Policies and Conditions on watch

These are the rules of use applicable to our service and our subscribers. In future reference to the person will be made who contract anyone of the services of VenHost as “Subscribers”.

The use of the contracted services assumes the acceptance of the following conditions:


The services contracted with VenHost must be used exclusively with allowed aims. It is strictly prohibited the use of anyone of the services contracted with national or international VenHost that break any local Law.

While he uses the services contracted with Venhost.org the subscriber will not be able:
To disclose or to transmit illegal, abusive, slanderous, racist, offensive information, or any other type of susceptible information of objection, either by means of advertising photographies, texts, banners or external page connections, as well as to publish, to transmit, to reproduce, to distribute or to operate any information or software that virus or any other harmful component contains, phishing, impersonation of identity, mails to boomber, fakes, software or another material that is not original (hacked into), to infringe rights of intellectual property, to publish or to facilitate material or resources on hacking, cracking, or any other information that VenHost considers unsuitable.

Examples of content nonaccepted:

  • Pirate Software
  • Phonographic piracy/illegal Archives MP3
  • Software for Spam
  • Programs or archives for hackers
  • Serial numbers of Software/Cracks/Warez
  • Pornography of any class
  • Witchcraft/Satanism
  • Servers of Chat
  • Casinos or bets
  • Consumption and/or drug traffic
  • Terrorism/racism/hatred groups
  • Content or slanderous material
  • Child pornography
  • IRC/Botnet
Any use of the system for illicit aims will authorize to VenHost to suspend the services contracted without previous warning.


Venhost reserves the right to deny or to cancel the services contracted by the subscriber with or without previous notification if the subscriber incurs any conduct or activity that VenHost considers abuse or violation of some of the terms, norms and conditions set out here, with or without previous warning and not taking responsibility of the consequences that could be for this reason.


For the case of the accounts of hosting that have execution permissions, the subscriber can install and execute scripts that considers opportune. However, VenHost reserves the right to deactivate any script or software installed by the subscriber who affects to the normal operation of the servers and harms other clients who provide with accomodations sites in the same.

If a site gets to use excessive resources of the servant (CPU, memory, etc.) is suspended immediately and without previous warning. Soon the subscriber will be notified of the fact and the possibility will be evaluated of returning to put the site in operation. VenHost and its representatives will be the only referees in determining if a Website excessively uses the resources of the servant and/or indefinitely to suspend the account that it causes on load.


All the plans of hosting include a guaranteed amount of monthly traffic. If you surpass the transference limit his will be suspended automatically and she will be let know to him in his web site. The restriction cannot be removed, if its site exceeds form you frequent you you can solicit I extended its plan to obtain a rate of high transference but and to avoid possible blockades of the service Web.


It is absolutely prohibited: The shipment of mail Spam from our servers. The shipment of post office must be used well mannered by the subscriber, that is to say in his normal daily operations, nonSpam.

VenHost does not authorize, it does not guarantee and it repudiates all type of not asked for massive shipments of e-mails. Any user who incurred acts of this type, immediately will be suspended. The acceptance of these terms and conditions, jeopardizes to the user to the fulfillment of the present norm. In case of the not-fulfillment of the same, person in charge to the user does, of the caused damages. VenHost reserves the right to suspend and/or to eliminate an account Spam without previous warning.

5.1. LIMITS emails per hour by domain Is a limit of shipment of 400. If it sends more of this amount in any hour the majority of e-mails would bounce a destiny error. Our 60 servers have MGP checkspor hour limit by email address. If it exceeds this is very probable that incorrect access obtains an error message saying. It only must wait for one hour and it is unblocked automatically. In order to avoid that this happens again, make sure to deactivate the automatic verification or to place a time superior to 10 minutes. Any list of mail of more than 2000 not this allowed. Note: to divide a great list in small lists for this limit is not allowed.

If one of ours ips falls in black list and we verified that its account was the one that caused this listing, its account will be suspended immediately with or without previous warning. Also we will come to delistar the IP of the black lists, will analyze its account in search of some hackeo or backdoor. If you have raised script of shipments of massive post office some will not have right to realise reclamation to qualify its account.


Phishing consists of the shipment of e-mails or falsification of a webpage that, pretending to come from trustworthy sources (for example, banks), tries to collect confidential data of the user. For it, usually they include a connection that, to the pressed being, takes to falsified webpages. This way, the user, believing to be in a site of all confidence, introduces the asked for information that, in fact, he is going to stop at the hands of the swindler.

Any attempt on the part of the subscriber, any Web similar or seemed to other than can take to swindles and/or falsification of names of people or companies at world-wide level will be in the definitive cancellation from the account from the subscriber violator without right to reclamation or reimbursement from money and the content of website totally will be erased without previous warning, the subscriber is committed To compensate to VenHost by demands, sanctions and all the legal aspects that are by this type of use, VenHost will be the only organization with authority to decide that it constitutes a violation to this norm.

The subscriber will be the only person in charge by demands and all legal aspect that is originated to store this type of contents in its space of hosting, the subscriber will have all the responsibility to respond before organizations of security or other than it solicits referring to the veracity and security of its data and stored archives, VenHost will not have any legal responsibility when to receive claim some.


VenHost will maintain the confidentiality and the security of the information facilitated by the subscriber for the collection of the service.

VenHost is committed not to send publicity except for express acceptance on the part of the subscriber. The notification is excluded from change of prices or characteristics of the supplied services or the internal notifications between the subscriber and VenHost.


VenHost does not become person in charge by the loss of data in the servant caused by users, failures in our system or updates in our servers. A backup copy (backup) of the site is responsibility of the user maintaining. Thus also it is responsibility of the user to maintain under defense mails of the webmail system.

The integrity of all the information, data bases and archives that conform website is responsibility of the subscriber. VenHost does not count on systems of endorsement of information (backup) if this previously it is not contracted by the subscriber, the backup copies of all the data of each account is the responsibility of the subscriber. VenHost does not become person in charge by the material, economic damages, demands nor of any other type who could undergo the subscriber before a possible total losses or partial of information, as additional tool the subscriber has an option to make a backup copy in its Control Panel (Cpanel), additional this the subscriber can contract a backup copy solution (backup) offered by VenHost.


For Hosting:
You will have 3 days to realise the payment after the date of renovation of his plan or plans, before the breach of payment to the 3 days of the renovation, its site will be suspended temporarily. Before the lack of payment to 6 days in excess later to the date of payment, the definitive suspension of its site corresponds, with the corresponding elimination of all the information lodged in the servant by the user.
The payment of the service is realised advanced month, in monthly, quarterly, semester form and/or annual according to the detail of the plan indicates it.

For domains: the payment by registry or annual renovation is in advance.
If its domain contracted with us arrives at the date of expiration and I do not realise the corresponding payment tendra 1 month as of the date of victory to be able to renew, after past that month we will not be able to renew his domain and we will not either be made person in charge by the lost one of his name in Internet.


VenHost reserves the right to introduce modifications in the characteristics and prices of the plans and/or supplied services. All notification that affects to the technical characteristics of the supplied services will directly take place through our webpages in Internet.

The conditions and norms enunciated here could be modified on the part of VenHost notifying it by the means that consider necessary, including Internet.


Under no concept return will become of money by hosting or domains, if it presents problems with some of the services of lodging contracted hara the corresponding change by one of the same typical.


The technical support will be available unique and exclusively through the Zone of Clients (TICKETS 24 hours the 365 days of the year for level 3) or via e-mail. The support is limited the problems directly related to the Web Hosting as the connectivity of the servant, HTTP, FTP, data base and services of the e-mail.

VenHost does not offer technical support in the configuration, solution of problems of applications of third parties, such as: Programming PHP, Perl, Agora, Interchange, Oscommerce, Wordpress, Joomla, Scripts Pre-installed or Scripts de Terceros, etc nor all that with website assembly, the subscriber will be the one in charge to administer to its Website and installed and/or developed applications.

For the case of accounts to reseller or remarketers, the subscriber must count on the necessary knowledge for the handling of the tools for the administration, configuration, maintenance and security of his account. Our support does not include qualification and/or aid in the resolution of problems. subscriber she is the person in charge of the information that their clients store under their account whichever it is their nature.

And paid he will have to accept all the technical procedures to solve the problems that appear to him in company of a representative of VenHost and will have to always act by virtue of the principle of the good commercial faith.


This contract will be understood finished by the following causes: (1) by the breach of anyone of the obligations established within the content in this agreement, as well as those that derive from the nature and essence of the contract, or due to opposite behaviors to loyalty and good commercial faith; (2) by the victory of the term stipulated in this contract; (3) by the breach or partial or total lack of the payment on the part of the subscriber it will give to passage to the suspension and elimination of all the information provided with accomodations in the servers of VenHost of immediate form. Paragraph: It is understood that the breach of the emanated obligations in this agreement of wills, by anyone of the parts, will authorize to the other, to give by finished the present contract without it is necessary notification or requirement some.

VenHost reserves the right of the completion of the immediate contract towards the client if some of the previous norms is failed to fulfill or if its equipment decides it for reasons related to evil account handling.

Acquiring any plan of hosting, product, domain or service with VenHost implies the automatic and irrevocable acceptance of the terms and conditions here established.