Frequent questions

Frequent questions

A plan of lodging or hosting is a service that gives a company to a client who will be able to make use of one or several generally administered pre-formed Web servers and in order that the websites of the user can be accessible through Internet with a series of advantages regarding to lodge a website in a homemade servant.

Hosting Web allows him that their website is accessible as if did it from a servant of its property, unless it will not require of maintenance and security, the power cost and of personnel who supposes to install.

VENHOST offers service of hosting where we provide a space in our servers so that you can lodge archives for your website and they are online. We provide connectivity with Internet so that other computers can accede to those archives of your website.
A domain is the name of your website, as a example is the domain of google. The domains can be .com, .net, .org, .ve, etc. Before having your website you need a domain, you must register your domain.

Therefore hosting with a domain is different. Hosting is the “space” in which your site is lodged and the “domain” is the name of your website, which the individuals write in their navigator to be able to enter your site.

It is important to choose a name of suitable domain since it will be his calling card in Internet. Adapting his name of domain to his activity it will obtain to a greater margin of penetration in the market and major affluence of visitors if the domain is easy to remember.

VENHOST offers service of registry of domains.
A DNS or servant of domain names, is the equivalent, we could say, to an agenda telephone but applied to Internet. The aim of a servant DNS is to compile directions IP of the servers in Internet and to look for equivalence in a domain. That is to say, to put an example, a servant DNS is in charge of which when a user accedes to “” he is automatically redirigido to the suitable servant.
If he wishes to contract a plan of hosting with us, arrived the moment we will be able to register a domain of their election we will form the DNS so that its plan of hosting responds when a visitor accedes to his domain.

If you already own a domain and only wishes to contract with us the plan of hosting, she will have to realise the changes of DNS in his domain so that they aim at ours, we we will make him arrive the DNS so that their Web is visible from their domain.
A subdomain is a domain within your main domain. For example:, is the domain and is the subdomain. The domain must be unique, for example only exists one, however subdomains no. could be said that the subdomains are as subfolders, since within the domain we could have a called folder “mail” or “blog” (
FTP is a standard network protocol that is used to transfer archives from a computer to another one through Internet. Webmasters uses clients FTP as Filezilla or Smart FTP to load and to unload archives to/from their servant of lodging. Also a window of your operating system can be used.

Here there is a list of popular clients FTP FileZilla, Smart FTP, Core FTP.
Cpanel is a tool to administer to your website, that is to say, a panel of administration to manage the great part of the services contracted with VENHOST.

In this panel you manage the e-mails, the domains and subdomains, data bases, etc.
Webmail is a platform to manage your post office online, like Gmail or Hotmail.

In VENHOST you can use the services of webmail available in Cpanel to administer, to read and to send post office from his domain “[email protected]”.
At the moment that your service was activated an email with the data of access to its service is sent to its e-mail. Which indicates that you must change the DNS of your domain in the case of already owning one. In this mail it is sent the account data, the data of access to the Control Panel (Cpanel) and the data of access to FTP. With these data podra to raise and to publish its website.
If you own a domain .com .net .org or another one you must enter the website of the company where you bought the domain, to enter your Control Panel and to change the DNS within that one website by those of VENHOST, which are sent to your e-mail once activated your service of Hosting.

All the domains .com .net .org bought in VENHOST include administration panel, in which podra to make change of DNS.

IMPORTANT: Panel of administration for domains .VE reason why the request of change of DNS does not include itself debera to do it by means of ticket of support.
With your provided user and key at the time of acquiring our services he enters to, if you do not own you must open them a ticket in support so that they again send them to your e-mail.

If not yet you have aimed the DNS of your domain to our servers you will have to enter using the contained temporary direction in the email of activacón.
It enters with your user and key to, once entered under the section of “Mail” you do click in “Accounts of Email”. You will be with a small form where podras to write the name of the account of mail which you wish, the password and the amount of space that you can assign to that one account. Once filling the data, with a safe key, you do click in “creating account”. That is everything.
Here there is a list of popular clients FTP FileZilla, Smart FTP, Core FTP. We recommended FileZilla, is completely gratuitous.

Using FileZilla

He unloads the program and assures to you to install it in Spanish. Once installed it opens the program and a window will be opened to you. You can use the bar of fast connection, where one is “servant”, “name of user”, “password” and “port”. Generally you can leave to the field “port” in target.

Also you can use the Manager of Sites (File > Manager of Sites, of that form you can store the access data or to add more sites than you own.

Once connected, you will have two panels divided in two, one to sail your local archives and other that is the one of your website. The archives of your website must go in the folder public_html. In the panel of the left (local archives) it looks for the file that you wish to raise, right click, “to raise” or simply public_html drags the file to the folder.
In order to realise the purchase of plans of hosting, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. To choose the plan that wishes to contract.
  2. When choosing your plan of hosting presses the button to contract.
  3. It completes the form with the required data. A domain name is obligatory.
  4. The Acceptable square checks “the conditions of the service”.
  5. When completing this stage you will be direccionado to the platform gives payments, where you will be able to choose means of more advisable payment for you.
  6. In order to realise your payment it presses the wished option.
  7. It immediately realises your cancellation and click in “Notifying Payment”
In order to activate your service of hosting you will have to notify your payment in the section: “Payments”. Once realised this procedure, we will send the data of activation to your e-mail. The Payments realised via Transference/Bank deposit and Credit cards the term of activation are of 24 Hours.
Probably your filter of mail has blocked the reception of the data, reason why we solicitd that you place mails of the domain “” in its safe list of mails, or sends a mail to us with the domain name. Of this form we will resend the data of activation of your hosting.
So that your invoice arrives from fast and correct form, it is very important and obligatory that you complete the form To notify Payment without leaving no field in target and placing the data in correct form, since of this form the system will be able to generate your invoice.

You must have present that the invoice will be sent to the mail of “email invoices” position in the form of notification of payments. It reviews your e-mail and it looks for the subject “Confirmation of the payment of the invoice - VENHOST”, perhaps if you do not find the mail has been an error when sending your invoice. Direct to support and you open to a ticket indicating to us your problem to you.
It will be able to cancel his service Via:

  • Transference/Bank deposit
  • Credit cards Visa/Mastercard (Mercadopago)
  • Paypal
  • Skrill