Who We are

The Company

We are a company 100% it jeopardize with the vision of being able to offer services of Web hosting to the Hispanic market with the highest standards of quality and to the best price. Founded in 2005 with the initiative of a group of professional young people with desire to offer to companies and people him in Latin America and the Caribbean solutions to have presence in Internet.

Our company not only is interested in offering a product to them and being sold them but also to advise them and to help them to prevail in the global market of Internet.

At the moment, our VPS hosting in USA which not only counts on the best connectivity and the hardware of more high tech, in addition it is supervised by our group of experts in security, which positions us between the few companies of lodging in Latin America in offering to an integral service of security and protection of data to our clients.


To offer the best services and the most competitive tariffs to manage to be leader in the Hispanic community.
To maintain the operational structure necessary and to reduce to the minimum our costs to guarantee to our clients better tariffs, quality and the best service.


To turn us into the operator I number 1 of Web hosting in Latin America and the Caribbean maintaining a high quality in our services. All this oriented to the search of appropriate technologies that guarantee our competitiveness thus to manage to establish relations of long term work with our clients.


Respect towards our clients.