Hosting Venezuela

Professional services for its Website

In VenHost we offered compatible platforms him 100% the most popular CMS of the market. Our cheap VPS hosting will have its site and more surely stable as never before.


Control Panel cPanel

The panel par excellence and but extended in the market of the lodging Web. Easy and friendly.



Its mail in all sides. It does not matter where it is, Forms his Emails in his Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

Softaculous installer

More than 200 applications available. He installs with a single WordPress click, Joomla, Drupal, Forums, Carts of Purchase, and much more.


It guarantees a greater stability, yield and security in our services of hosedaje Web to Virtualizar each account of user and to isolate it of other users in a called container LVE

Selector PHP

No longer it will have problems of compatibility with his website, in our servers you chooses the version PHP that it requires to use.

Gratuitous SSL

Cerificado SSL totally FREE! He avoids that the navigators show their Web as uncertain.

Firewall de Aplicaciones

In all our plans of Hosting we used firewall of ModSecurity applications, that provides filtrate rules to us against common attacks as Injections SQL, Bad Bots, Attacks of Dictionary, Refusal on watch, and much more.


We as much realise daily escaneos of virus in accounts of email as in the content of your directory public_html to prevent and to detect malicious code in your archives. Its Web assured against virus, malware, phishing and shipment of Spam.

Migration Free

Ayudamos To migrate its WebMigramos Site its website to our servers of gratuitous way when contracting a lodging plan.